What are .zshrc can do?

function fastpush() {
    git add .
    $([ "$1" != "" ]) && git commit -m "$1" || git commit -m "update"
    git push origin $(current_branch)

alias editenv="EDITOR=vim rails credentials:edit"

xem them https://gist.github.com/bobthecow/757788

Using osascript

function open() {
cd workspace/$1
osascript /Users/conficker/Library/Application\ Support/iTerm2/Scripts/setup_enviroinment.app

/Users/conficker/Library/Application\ Support/iTerm2/Scripts/setup_enviroinment.app
tell application "iTerm2"
tell current session of current window
write text "pwd"
set currPath to do shell script "pwd"
write text "redis-server"
end tell

tell current window
create tab with default profile
tell the current session of current tab
write text "cd " & currPath
write text "bundle e sidekiq"
end tell
end tell
end tell